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Saturday, September 30

 6:00 Tech Practice

Sunday, October 1

10:00 Worship 

11:00 Fellowship

Monday, October 2

10:00 Prayer Shawl (PP)

  1:00 Cares and Concerns (Zoom)


Tuesday, October 3

Pastor Ginger Returns


Wednesday, October 4

Thursday, October 5

 5:00 Prosper Placer (FH)

Friday, October 6

11:00 Pioneer Women In Faith (PP)

  2:00 Lori Eibling Celebration of Life (Sanc)

  Reception to Follow

Saturday, October 7

  7:00 Tech Practice

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Auburn Interfaith Food Closet Donations

We will be collecting bags of food every Sunday. Donations that are needed are hygiene products, canned goods, boxes of cereal.


The Pony Express is still happening and coming to your house soon. The Pioneer Vitality team began this event several weeks ago as a fundraiser to help with church finances.  This will be a fun house-to- house event.  Get ready!

Church Work  Party - October 7th at 8:00 a.m.
We really need your help!  We have cancelled this several times due to hot weather.  It is time to get some of the repairs, gardening, and painting done.  Come join us to make our church even more beautiful than it already is!  Lunch will be provided.


Pioneer Women in Faith will be sponsoring this fun annual event on October 20th and 21st.  It's time to start saving your "treasures" for this fundraising sale.  Please note: we will not be accepting clothes, electronics or furniture.  However, bring household items, jewelry, children's items, holiday decor, books, garage items including garden tools and whatever else you think someone may need or want.  Items can be stored in the church office conference room ahead of time.

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