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March Food Donation Focus ~ Canned Fruit and Vegetables, Cereal

 (For Auburn Interfaith Food Closet)


Thursday, March 16th

  5:00     Prosper Placer (Fellowship Hall)


Friday, March 17th

              St. Patrick's Day!

              No regular meetings                                                         

Saturday, March 18th

  6:00     Tech Practice (Sanctuary) 
                                                                                                                            Sunday, March 19th

10:00      Sunday Worship (Sanctuary & Zoom) 
              UMCOR Sunday
11:15      Fellowship Time (Fellowship Hall) 
12:15      Auburn Food Closet Tour   


Monday, March 20th

First Day of Spring

10:00    Prayer Shawl Ministry (Pioneer Parlor) 

11:00    Staff Parish (Zoom)

 1:00     Cares & Concerns Committee (Zoom)

Tuesday, March 21st

10:00  Annual Church Audit

12:00  Church Vitality Meeting (Zoom)

  2:00  Church Council

Wednesday, March 22nd

11:30  Pastor Ginger@Circuit Pastors Meeting

Thursday, March 23rd

 5:00  Prosper Placer (Fellowship Hall)

Friday, March 24th

No scheduled meetings

Saturday, March 25th

 9:00  Church Work Day & Lunch

(Weather permitting)

Sunday, March 26th

10:00  Worship (Sancturary & Zoom)

11:15  Fellowship Time (Fellowship Hall) 

Monday, March 27th

10:00    Prayer Shawl Ministry (Pioneer Parlor) 

 1:00     Cares & Concerns Committee (Zoom)

Tuesday, March 28th

Wednesday, March 29th

Thursday, March 30th

Friday, March 31st

Saturday, April 1st

Sunday, April 2nd   

10:00  Worship (Sancturary & Zoom)

          Palm Sunday

11:15   Fellowship Time (Fellowship Hall)                

Easter Flowers

If you would like to order Easter flowers in

memory or in honor of a loved one, the cost is $15 or

donate to the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet.

The deadline to order is Monday, April 3rd.

Music For Humanity Concert
Sunday, April 16th, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.                                                     

 in the Pioneer Sanctuary,

benefiting AIFC and The Gathering Inn.          


Church Garden Caretakers Needed                             

Can you take and maintain a small patch of the church?       
No lawn mowing, ladders or tree work!                                                                

Just check out the signup sheet in the Narthex.                                                            
New Mission Outreach       
Youth that age out of the foster system often need

help getting started.  We hope that you will be able to

help with this wonderful outreach. Some of their needs

are as simple as cleaning supplies, gas cards, sheet sets,

and other basic items to help them make a life of their

own. As always if you can’t support us financially,

prayers for this group are always needed.

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