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Our History



Gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in 1848, and this started a great migration to California by those seeking their fortune and adventure.  One such person was “Dr.” John R. Crandall. Dr. Crandall organized a group of people in Peoria, IL, and they went by wagon train via what was known as the “South Pass” to California, arriving in late 1849 or early 1850. Dr. Crandall selected Auburn to settle. His wife Harriet arrived in 1851 rounding “The Cape” on a Steamer and bringing with her possessions, a pump organ. The Crandalls  were Methodists,  and as they say the rest is history. Check out the following information for accounts of this history.



California Methodism and

Pioneer United Methodist Church

A Brief History by Rev. Jerry Fox.

This was written in 1986.


The Pioneer Story--A history of

Pioneer United Methodist Church.




Pioneer United Methodist Church

A Brief History by Glen Cleveland





Some Pictures and dates     

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Restoration of the Crandall Memorial

Stained Glass Window

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