Zoom Invitation and Order of Worship for Sunday

October 25, 2020 

Hello Pioneer Friends,

We have added another layer of security to our Zoom Worship Service. Do the same exact thing you have been doing to access the Zoom session.

Zoom will then send you a message that you are now waiting to be admitted by the host; essentially you are sitting in a Zoom waiting room. David Malicoat, Ray Jellison and I will admit people as fast as we can. After that, the whole experience will be "as usual".

If you have questions, give us a call.

Looking forward to gathering again for worship on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

     Pastor Ginger
======================================================== Pastor Ginger Foster is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Pioneer UMC - Sunday Morning Worship
Time: Oct 25, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
        Every week on Sunday

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Pioneer United Methodist Church              October 25, 2020 (10:00 am)    
            Order of Worship                  (21st Sunday after Pentecost)

Bells of Invitation
Prelude                                                                        Qi Qing & David Thorp
                                                                                        Piano & Viola Duet
Words of Welcome                                                       Pastor Ginger Foster
Gift of Music

Opening Unison Prayer                                            Karen Kesler, Liturgist          Everlasting God, you have been our dwelling place in each generation.
      Since the creation of the world, you have nurtured us with your love.
      And yet we shamefully acknowledge that we do not always share your
            love with others.
      We are selective about who we choose as neighbors; those who are
            clean, those who look like us, those who talk right, those who
            seem safe.
      Loving God, teach us to love you more fully. For in loving you, our
            lives show love to those we see as “other,” even as your love
            encompasses all your creation, in all generations.
      We pray in the name of your greatest gift of love, Jesus Christ.
            Amen.           (Laura Jaquith Bartlett)
Opening Hymn      “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”       #277 (red hymnal)
                                                                                                 Vs. 1 & 2

Welcoming Children                                                  Pastor Ginger Foster
Offering Our Gifts & Lives to God
      Invitation to Give                   World Communion Sunday
      Offertory                                                              Qi Qing Thorp, Pianist
Offering Our Prayers to God
      Sharing Our Joys and Concerns
            Concerns:        Lord in Your Mercy                  “Hear our Prayers”
            Joys:                In Grateful Praise                    “Thanks be to God”
      Time of Personal Prayer                                    Dave Hogge, Guitarist
      Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer
Scripture Reading            Matthew 22: 34-40          Karen Kesler, Liturgist
Hymn of Preparation      “Help Us Accept Each Other”    #560 (red hymnal)
                                                                                                       Vs. 1 & 2
Message/Reflection                                                  Pastor GingerFoster                                                                                                                    
Reflection on the Scripture Passages/Questions for private worship at home:
     An important scripture passage - sharing Jesus’ assertion of Love above all
          else. Two stories that add to our understanding.
     1) In the late 1970s, Pastor Joe McKeever was pastor of the First Baptist
          Church in Columbus, Mississippi. A deacon of the church told him of a 
          conversation that he had with a recent visitor to the church. The visitor
          who attended a recent Sunday night service came up to the deacon
          during the greeting time and said, “Your pastor is going to hell.'” The
          deacon said, “May I ask why?' The visitor said, “His hair is too long.”
     Remember this was the 1970s. That’s the way some people thought back
          then—at least those who loved the Law more than they loved the Lord.
          Some people thought there was something evil about a man with long
          hair. So the deacon asked a reasonable question: “And how long should
          his hair be?” The man answered, “About like mine.'”
     2) A young man began praying that God would allow him to share his faith
          with others. Now this young man wasn’t very educated or sophisticated.
          So he was surprised when God led him to share his faith with a brilliant
     When the young man attempted to share his faith with the attorney, the
          attorney laughed at him. He began challenging the young man. He laid
          out all sorts of arguments against the existence of God, against the
          divinity of Jesus. The young man was in over his head. He couldn’t
          answer the arguments. He felt ashamed for failing at his mission. But
          before he left, he said simply, “I just want you to know that I came here
          because I love you.”
     The young man went home feeling like a failure. He shut himself up in his
          room. A few hours later, the brilliant attorney came knocking on his door.
          The young man’s wife tried to turn the attorney away, but he insisted on
          seeing the young man. The young man came down to meet him.“I guess
          you’ve come up with some new argument to use against me?” I didn’t
          come here to argue,” the lawyer said. “I came here to ask you to tell me
          more about your faith in Christ.”
     The young man said, “I don’t understand. What changed your mind? Every
          time I tried to tell you about Jesus you came up with an argument that I
          couldn’t answer. ”The lawyer said, “But you came up with an argument
          that I couldn’t answer. When you looked at me and told me you loved
          me, I couldn’t argue with that.” How can we more fully live the
          commandments that Jesus gave us?
Closing Hymn        “Sent Out in Jesus’ Name”         #2184 (black hymnal)
                                                                                                Sing twice
Unison Benediction                                                   Karen Kesler, Liturgist

          Go forth in the knowledge and love of God. 
          We go, confident in God’s steadfast love.
          Go into the world, loving without limits, caring without boundaries.
          We journey forth to fulfill God’s law of love. Amen.
News of the Church – Announcements                     

Fellowship Time 

Everyone is welcome.  You do not have to be a member to join us.