MARCH 2021 

Hello to All! This week as Placer County moved from the Purple to Red Tier, we are hopeful the improved trend will continue.  We are dependent on the state’s and the California-Nevada UMC Conference’s protocols that would allow us to regather in person.   Because of the many tier changes, up and down, our Regathering Team decided early on to lag one tier behind and wait until the situation stabilizes. This means we will not hold in-person worship or meetings until Placer County has been in the Orange Tier for two weeks. 


We are still several months away from regathering in person; however, we continue to prepare for the day we meet again on-site with our church family.

* Where are we now?  Dependent on statistics from tiers we are still several months away from regathering

* What needs to happen?  Be in Orange Tier for two weeks.

* Next steps?  More Drive-Through events, Conference approval of our Regathering Plan, training for staff and on-site volunteers

*Considerations?  Being cautious – start with small groups first to “practice” protocols, then expand to worship and concert(s)


 After much discussion about how to celebrate Holy Week, we decided the following:     

* Palm/Passion Sunday, March 28, 10:00 am– Zoom Worship includes Communion // Plus Drive-Through Communion with Palms                                             from 1:00 – 2:30 pm  (Communion changed from Easter)     

* Maundy Thursday, April 1 – No service     

*Good Friday, April 2 – No service   

 *Easter Sunday, April 4, 7:30 am on - Blooming of the Cross in front of the Sanctuary     

10:00 am Easter Worship Celebration on Zoom (without Communion) 


We understand that everyone is anxious to regather in person.  Let’s keep praying that the COVID-19 vaccines work well and people continue to follow safety protocols (wear masks and maintain 6 feet social distancing).  With God walking with us on this journey, we will regather again.  Blessings from your Regathering Team

Regathering in the near future......
What will it look like?
What you will need to do
Adhere to Regathering Regulations and
State and County Guidelines
Make Reservations to attend
Sign Liability Waiver
Wear a mask
Be in good health
Self distance 6 ft from others
Sanitize and wash hands