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Music for Humanity Concert coming April 16th!  Don't miss this fun event!

Colla Voce: Our Director

Janine Dexter is the Founding Artistic Director of Colla Voce of the Sierra. She has carefully drawn together friends, colleagues, and other exceptional singers with the hope of creating a professional-caliber chamber ensemble for the Auburn area that will last for generations to come. Through Colla Voce she is dedicated to the continued development of a vibrant creative arts sector for the Auburn area where every individual has access to opportunities for meaningful engagement in the arts.


Chamber Singers - "Creating Life-Changing, Music-Centered Experiences within Our Community"

The Colla Voce Chamber Singers is an auditioned, volunteer adult choral ensemble. Based in Auburn, California, the Chamber Singers are committed to the creation of participatory, collaborative and engaging concert experiences using a wide range of genres.  The chamber singers are honored to have been described as the Auburn area’s premier choral ensemble, exhibiting artistic excellence, delighting and inspiring audiences.  Literally translated “follow the voice,”  the Colla Voce Chamber Singers are committed to maintaining these standards.


•To create collaborative, participatory, music-centered experiences in a style accessible to the next generation

•To develop an appreciation of choral music in the community by all ages


Upcoming Concerts: May 2nd at Grace Lutheran Church and May 3rd at Pioneer United Methodist Church {see poster on left} 

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